Mini book for All about ME box

mini book to go inside All about me box

Well I finally sorted out the minibook to go inside my box for tomorrow. Just 1 sheet of cardstock, score three vertical lines equally across the page approx every three inches then score across the middle horizontally cut along this line from left to right until you reach the 3rd vertical score line. Fold along the remaining horizontal score line, and fold the rest of the page along the remaining score lines and hey presto you have a small book 6″ x 3″. I then stuck the centre page together to form a pocket, so that I can put tickets, tags etc in the middle. Decorate as you feel inspired.

You can also make 3″ x 3″ books in a similar way, you just have to remember where to cut on the horizontal, or it just doesn’t fol properly. This is the voice of experience, I’ve ended up with some strange looking minibooks before!!!!!

Anyway keep crafting, and most importantly ENJOY!

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