What A Pair!

Tom & Wal

David has just found this wonderful picture of our beautiful boys who unfortunately are not with us anymore. Major Tom on the left was deaf and had had cat flu at some point before we adopted him, he was a cat full of character and had decided that everybody loved him and they did! His mate?? Wallace was horrendously injured when we found him hence the trendy! Elvis haircut, he had a lot of problems in his life including being diabetic and eventually kidney failure and a brain tumor. Both are sadly missed but remembered with great affection.

Couldn’t resist posting a little cuteness on the web!

More PowerTex Training – Level Two StoneArt

Powertex StoneArt

The Training continued this weekend with yet another great Workshop from Brit at PowerTex. This Workshop was based on using PowerTex with StoneArt to give texture and also an air dryng clay. Keep forgetting how light the model is as it is just a styrofoam base with PowerTex and StoneArt and it is weatherproof! Can’t wait for the next Workshop.

I have purchased some of the items now so that I can produce samples for Workshops. If you are interested please contact me on theartisticcrafter@rocketmail.com.

Sewing Shisha

Had a great time on Thursday learning how to sew shisha with Jamie from http://www.colouricious.com It was good fun and a great group of ladies.

I have only partly done mine. I have finished attaching the shisha on the first photo, but still have all of the extra embroidery to fininsh, whilst I watch tv in the evenings this week.

On the second photo I am only part way through, we also added nets and shears to the work, I have decided I am going to redo the centre shisha as I think a large mirror would look better. I will post some more photos as the work progresses.

shisha 1

Shisha 2