More PowerTex Training – Level Two StoneArt

Powertex StoneArt

The Training continued this weekend with yet another great Workshop from Brit at PowerTex. This Workshop was based on using PowerTex with StoneArt to give texture and also an air dryng clay. Keep forgetting how light the model is as it is just a styrofoam base with PowerTex and StoneArt and it is weatherproof! Can’t wait for the next Workshop.

I have purchased some of the items now so that I can produce samples for Workshops. If you are interested please contact me on


Had a great day yesterday with Neil Burley and Brit Wellens from Powertex. Brit did an awesome class and at the end of the day Neil and I came away with some great models. We are now both trainers for powertex and are looking forward to further courses.

See below photos of my modelsImageImage