Hello world!

This is my first blog post. Where to begin!!

I love all types of crafting either to do myself or to look at other peoples craft. I believe that we are all crafters in our own way, wether that is cooking, cleaning, art, sewing, gardening etc. to be able to create something that somebody else enjoys is a gift we all have.

I hope that over the coming months, we will be able to share some great inspirational times, I believe that there are no friendlier and more helpful people than crafters. We all love to encourage and inspire others in our chosen craft.

I love looking at other blogs and gaining inspiration from them, much more fun than my day job! I’m always told that accountants are boring and have no sense of humour, I hope that’s not me!!!

I am demoing at the manic stamper club this Saturday producing an All about ME! box, see themanicstamper.wordpress.com Hope to see you there.

From This

to this

There will also be a book to go inside, ditched the one I was working on last night but will upload a new picture before Saturday. Can’t stop playing with these things until I get to the class, always tinkering and adding things

Keep Crafting!

4 thoughts on “Hello world!

  1. Ha! finally managed to find you. Time to add more stuff I think. I will be adding to mine tomorrow

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